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Outside the Music Box!
One Man - Two Visions - Music and Film
Entertainer Arch Hooks,
PRESENTS: Time For The Wingman!
An All Original Music Film.

In this ambitious undertaking, Arch not only created a
collection of music videos, but created a movie, a new vessel in
which film and audio are represented by the same
composer/filmmaker …The Music Film.

This Gothic Comic Concept Album is a brainchild straight
from the mind of Arch Hooks. Arch created this concept in his
basement with little to no budget over the course of two years,
virtually doing all the work himself.

For the first time you, the audience, not only have the chance
to experience a mind expanding journey through live action
and animation, but will live the experience through the power
of your own imagination via the soundtrack.

This Music Film will not only take you through
the inner mind of a hero, but will reveal the heart of the hero
that lies deep within all of us.

When rolling credits, we realized that it is difficult
to label a talent of this nature.

One the few directors, producers, editors, composers, and
musicians who can do it all in one film…

Arch Hooks is one of a kind!

Roger Schroeder: Freelance TV and Film Editor
“As one of the first to see this art, it is phenomenal! I can't get any of the music out of my head. I have cut entire movies, but I have never had to originate the concept and do the Soundtrack, Script, Talent Wrangling, Foley Artist, Photography, Location Scouting, Animation and Foley Artist (again), etc...Like Arch did here. I can't imagine how much time, heart and soul Arch has put into this film and it's music. Seriously from “Oh, Selena” to “Psychotic”, “I'm F@&kin' Bat Man” to “Time for the Wingman” it is something that will grab your soul. The more you watch and listen to it the more it touches you. This is the true Arch Hooks, showing off his talent like you have never seen before. You have seen Arch on stage; get ready to meet the real Arch Hooks.”

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Arch Hooks Top Rock Piano Virtuoso in the World!

Arch Hooks has made his fingers sizzle for over
5 million people worldwide!

Now it's time for him to thrill you!

He's rocked the globe from
the Pacific Rim, Europe, and across the United States.

See for Yourself!


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