Piano Talk - Who You Are


A diamond comes in a different size,
A hat comes in a pretty box.
You can win fertilizer, as the raffle prize,
And they give you hell for wearing your mink fox.
You can try to change the way you are,
By showing all who else is the blame.
You can paint a pretty picture,
But inside youíll always be the same.

I knew a lady, who bought nice clothes,
A tummy tuck, and some long red hair.
She bought, blue contacts, and a brand new nose,
And then she went out and bought her a nice brown pair.
She was an attractive lady and she couldnít understand,
Why she made everyone feel so strange,
I guess the house looked good,
But inside the furnishing was the same.

.........I feel like whistlin!


Wait a minute!
The fox is clever, the snake is deceiving,
And the weasel, he ainít worth a damn.
You might say Iím a little bit of ...all three,
But if is true, I ainít changin the way I am.
I could try to settle down, change my ways,
I could even buy a brand new name.
But inside my crowded Minivan,
I always be the same.

(add lib) I ainít changing nothin.... Iíll aaalways be the same.
I am what I am......Iíll always be the same.