Piano Talk - It's Gonna Come Back To You


You’re tall and slender, the model of your gender,
Got all the poise that your money can buy.
When you enter the room, with your fatal perfume.
You’re watchin’ faces watch you, as you go struttin’ by.

They’re droppin’ like flies, from your steel gray eyes.
And you can tell ’em all that it ain’t nothin’ new.
I guess there’s no denyin’, you’re gonna leave somebody cryin’.
And baby,... It’s gonna come back to you.

You best watch yourself, and who you go messin’ around.
You might be singin’ a sad, sad song, when it all comes back around. (and it will)

Across the floor, I saw the man you adored.
A walkin’ cologne add, with a two karat ring.
He may buy you pretty things, but that don’t mean a thing,
Cause baby,....It’s coming back to you.
I saw you rantin’ and hissin’, when you saw your man kissin’
a woman and that woman, sure as hell wasn’t you.
Quit your sighin’ and cryin’, and leave it a behind,
Cause baby, I think it just came back to you.
(Instrumental) ...................(Hate it when that happens)
..........................Here’s lookin’ ya