Chemistry - The Stem, The Nymph, And I


While riding on my Stem, I went to a land,
A land as far as the clothed eye could see,
There, I saw a little indigo man
Who was yelling obscenities at me.
Well, the closer they came, the larger they grew,
Until I caught one on my thumb,
Out of curiosity, I took a little bite and
Found that it tasted like chocolate gum.
The little man looked at me as if I lost my skull,
Then he began to yell again and then I said "No thanks, Iím full"
So I hopped back on my stem and traveled across the endless, solid seas,
And there I saw a beautiful Chartreuse Nymph
who was swimming along beside of me.
She asked "can you help me?" and I said "Why!?!"
Then I heard the pitiful song coming out of her eye.
It sounded kind of sorrowful, it sounded like sex,
It sounded like she wanted me to smell her "pecks"
So I did, and I know this may sound kinda strange,
But I took a whiff and would you believe the smelled orange?
So out of curiosity, I took a little taste, and I canít understand
Why she knocked me unconscious with the palm of her hand.
All I know, or can remember, that is, when I came to,
The little Nymph was gone, and my stem was gone too.

So I walked a little... I swam a little...
floated through the horizonís tremendous mouth.
Slipped over the quivering sunshineís lip to discover
how far I had drifted south.
I plunged into the darkness I knew all too well,
a sluggish recollection of a licorice smell.
With that, I moved forward through the darkness with quickness and haste,
For my past experiences have taught me to no longer taste
but to wade and stumble forward with all of my might,
till I found myself being nudged forward by a little speckle of light.
It was very small, about the size of a pin,
So I grabbed it and stretched it, and forced my way in.
Out of the familiar warm darkness, into cold harsh light,
I looked around with wonder at all the starkness in sight.
I looked for my stem, and it was one where to be found.
then a giant hand grabbed my feet and turned me up side down.
At the sound of a whack! it occurred to me,
that I was far away from the little Nymph and the solid sea.
Now perhaps now you can some how finally begin,
to understand why most try to go back into whist they came in.
I know Iíll keep trying till the day that I die,
To return to land of my stem, the little nymph and I.