Chemistry - Oh My God... I Wrote A Country Song!


I wish I would have known better as it materialized,
Serving heartache as an appetizer for a good surprise…
Should have gone forward instead of dragging my feet,
But it’s hard to believe that anyone could truly be so sweet.
This sounds so familiar… sounds a little wrong,
Oh my God! I think I’m writing you a country song!

Good morning Angel! How have you been?
I’d really like to get together with you again,
We could go out dancing, or take a long walk,
Or sit down by the river and have nice quiet talk.
This sounds so familiar… or doesn’t sound quite right,
Well Darlin, It’s a country song tonight!

I gotta admit to you, the love took me by surprise!
It had me dazed and shattered, with deer in the head light eyes.
Like a man with out a country, or a kitten up a tree,
Or a Mormon father of 10 who just got his first S.T.D.
This may not be that familiar… sounds a little wrong,
Well Darlin, I think I’m singing you a country song!
(Long Instrumental)
You’re the reason I sing, the reason I play, the reason I wake up every day
You are my summer, you are winter, you are fall, you are my spring.
You are one that I always hoped for, you are my everything.
This sounds so familiar… But it’s all true,
But hey! This Country song’s for you!